Fresh off their report on the Zambrano shooting Pasco from 2015, now the Department of Justice is looking into the fatal shooting of a man who assaulted officers during a domestic violence incident in Wapato.

July 21st, a man was fatally shot after police answered a domestic violence call in Wapato. Two officers attempted to apprehend the suspect who had barricaded himself in a bathroom. When the police entered, the suspect, Mario Martinez Torres, grabbed one of the officer's tasers and shot him with it, then shoved the other policeman, causing him to fall hard into the bathtub.

Torres grabbed the taser and attempted to attack the second officer, who drew his weapon and fired several rounds, fatally striking Torres.

Now, according to KNDU-TV, because of reported concerns by some community members, the Department of Justice is looking into the shooting.

The officer who fell in the tub was injured, and drew his gun, and Torres attempted to attack and disarm him, so the officer fired.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Department and the City of Yakima Police are investigating the incident at the request of the Wapato Police Department.