The FBI recently  Monday warned local and regional law enforcement officials about what they believe to be a rise in what are called "sovereign citizens" in the United States.

From the news conference briefing by the FBI Monday as reported by Reuters:

"The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard."

 So apparently even if people pay t axes and don't perform acts of violence, if they defy government regulations and standards, they are viewed as a threat?   Yet another example of the government mistakenly applying it's terrorism standards to frustrated citizens who believe their government has grown unresponsive and doesn't care what they think.  Of course, acts of violence are not tolerable, but more than one critic has pointed out that the Federal Government, along with all the snitch programs in the TSA and Homeland Security (See something Say something),  spends more time spying on it's own people than truly seeking out terrorism in it's worst forms.   We watch millions of dollars in drugs and guns pour over the border with Mexico that is not secure, but the FBI is worried about US Citizens.

   FBI agents to not have an accurate account as to how many Americans would consider themselves "sovereign" but some experts estimate there are probably at least 100,00 such people who are part of either extremely small or medium sized anti-government groups.

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