Homeland Security officials confirmed Tuesday they have asked the Department of Justice if they can file charges against cities that refuse to cooperate with Federal Immigration efforts.

According to the Washington Times, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed this, and the department is looking at whatever legal options are available.

In fact ICE Director (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Tom Homan wants the option to even charge local officials charged as complicit if they refuse to honor or co-operate with ICE and Immigration enforcement efforts.

Most experts agree this would likely apply to the most blatantly defiant municipalities, which in the Pacific Northwest include Portland and Seattle. Seattle even has laws on the books that specify their police and other officials will not cooperate with ICE efforts. There's been numerous examples of deliberate efforts to even hinder ICE detainers and deportations.

But depending upon how far they pursue this, even county officials across WA and OR could be in trouble. Most immigration tracking websites list Yakima, Franklin and Walla Walla Counties as sanctuary, because they don't ascribe to certain ICE policies.

So far, Seattle and Portland are the ones who possibly stand losing Federal funds for their refusal to cooperate and enforce immigration laws.


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