Road Rage suspect busted

Perhaps people don't realize many road rage incidents are felonies.

Tuesday night, a Kennewick man was arrested for his role in a roage rage incident from Monday evening.

31-year-old Osbaldo Hermosillo was taken into custody without incident early Tuesday evening near where the original situation occurred.

Monday around 7:15PM, the victim met up with a Pasco Officer, after having called for assistance near the Applebees on Road 68. The victim said they'd been tailgated on the freeway by Hermosillo's truck, he then followed them off the freeway and into the restaurant parking lot.

The man said the driver of the truck, Hermosillo, harrased him then pointed a gun at him which kicks in the felony part. At some point the incident ended with Hermosillo leaving.

Officer Garza located the suspect in his truck, and pulled him over, where he was arrested. Hermosillo reportedly had a weapons permit, officers noticed the gun was in plain view in the truck during the stop.

Anyone who may have any additional information about this incident is urged to call Pasco PD via the non emergency line (509)-628-0333. This dispatch number will help you be routed to the appropriate officers.

The charges Hermosillo is facing are First Degree Assault, that usually happens when you point a gun at someone.

Authorities remind drivers to be patient behind the wheel. With the growing size of the Tri-Cities, it's pretty obvious our traffic levels are well beyond what they were even 2-3 years ago. Avoiding aggressive unsafe driving is perhaps one of the best ways to avoid being a victim of road rage; you won't set off another motorist.

 If you're going to be traveling anywhere, do it without running somebody off the road and harrasing them. Here's a few roads to drive.


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