House Bill 1236, say House Republicans in Olympia, is a plan that would make it virtually impossible to stop renting property to a tenant whose lease is expiring.

The bill, which came on the coattals of similar emergency orders preventing landlords from evicting delinquent tenants due to COVID, was debated for more than 7 hours Saturday and Sunday.

According to House Republicans:

"(HB 1236) would force rental property owners to renew a tenant’s expiring lease; rent month-to-month unless the tenant agrees to a longer term; and allow occupants to stay on the property even if they damage the property beyond the security deposit amount or move onto the property without permission."

GOP Leaders, including House Rep Jeremy Dufault of Selah, said trespassers, gang members, and those engaging in illegal activities in rental properites do not deserve the "super protection" this bill would give.

He and other GOP leaders said the bill creates an imbalance against property owners and landlords. The bill can be seen by clicking on the button below.

During the 7 hours of debate, Republicans proposed more than 25 amendments to the bill to allow more protection for property owners, but most of them were rejected. Opponents of the bill said it will make the homeless problem and housing shortage worse; as property owners will become disouraged and sell these rental properties.

Despite the lengthy debate, the bill passed by a vote of 54-44, with all GOP members voting no. It now goes onto the Senate for consideration.

Some of the GOP House Reps who voted against the bill include:

GOP Reps opposing eviction legislation

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