Here's a great investment for your hard-earned dollar!

In an obvious slam on the federal government and all the anti-gun freaks, E-bay recently featured an auction that will make you roll with laughter!

The Tactical Assault Rock was sold on the auction website for a whopping $71. According to the listed information, it is full of great features from Cromagnum Arms International:

The assault rock is back. These have been flying off the shelf since Cain first took the tactical advantage against Abel.

Get this low speed, high drag assault rock while you still can. This is next on Dianne Feinstein's list.


-enhanced grip texture
-easily concealable
-can be thrown as fast as you can swing your arm
-low tech tactical black spray paint.

The person auctioning off the weapon was listed only as drizzt203 from Las Vegas.  Judging from the number of bids and the winning price, we are pretty sure there will be more offered! What a great spoof towards the gun-control mania from the left!