Umatilla and Grant County Sheriff's Departments  have multiple offroad trucks and SUV's and have used them for years.

Now Pasco PD has rolled out their latest creation.

Wednesday afternoon, the department revealed they've added a full size Chevy pickup to their lineup. It is not initially going to be assigned to routine patrol, but will be utilized for towing, pushing and other duties patrol units usually do (involving disable cars etc). and hauling what the department called "awkward items."

Undoubtedly, could also be used for rough terrain situations as well.

In their usual humous way, Pasco PD said this in the report:

"No, we are not going all County Sheriff on our residents, but we did pick up one truck as part of our fleet."

that prompted this response from Franklin County Sheriff  Jim Raymond:

Funny Sheriff's comment to Pasco PD truck ---Facebook
Funny Sheriff's comment to Pasco PD truck ---Facebook


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