Courtesy of the folks who brought you Laughing With Liberals on YouTube, this idea isn't so funny, in fact, it's kinda scary. Michael Strickland is back with another profile of a disturbing political figure, from the website

Roland Windsor Vincent, who's picture makes him look every bit the part of a deranged political activist,  is under scrutiny for comments made on his political blog, and also published in the blog the Greanville Post.

Vincent, who writes under the blog of Army of the Revolution, says that all Republicans "are the enemy..they are expendable, and they will be targets of the Revolution when it comes."

  Normally most would dismiss this as the rantings of a lunatic, but Vincent is a former staff member in the Jimmy Carter Administration, worked with George Wallace, and was actually a former Los Angeles city commissioner alongside former Mayor Tom Bradley.

Vincent went on to rant that the population of the earth has grown to unsustainable levels, calling humans a parasite. He hopes pandemics or other issues will 'thin out' the human population, and he believes it should start with eliminating Republicans.

In our society today, when the slightest threat or hint of extremism is taken seriously (gun threats, shootings, terrorism), with statements like this, why isn't this guy behind bars?

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