Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords will include Washington as part of her anti-gun tour, which will include Oregon and six other states.

Giffords, who recovered from a gunshot wound to the head in a 2011 Tuscon, AZ shooting that killed six people, has been visiting various states over the last year, pushing a thinly-veiled anti-gun agenda.

Gifford's PR people say the tour is to call attention to the deadly link between domestic violence and guns,  but she is also supporting numerous initiatives that would greatly restrict gun owner's rights.

She is in support of I-594 in our state, which would expand back round checks to include private sales and would result in taxpayer burdens to support it.  Critics say there's no need for expanded checks, and Initiative 591 - also on the ballot - would prohibit the state from enacting standards beyond the national laws already in place.

Critics also say her well-meaning campaign to restrict firearms access to those charged or accused of domestic violence crimes is being hijacked to actually become just another anti-gun campaign.

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, or WAGR,  has been flooding social media with a variety of Facebook pages designed to look like grassroots "people" who just want responsibility when it comes to gun use.  However,  venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, creator of WAGR,  has spent millions helping create these "fronts" which seek to gradually squeeze gun rights away from American citizens, especially those in Washington state.

While the shooting that injured Giffords was tragic,   it's unfortunate that she has fallen into the same mentality as many anti-gun advocates, who ignorantly believe removing guns from law-abiding citizens will lower violent, gun-related crime.    So should be ban cars because people get in accidents when they've been drinking?   Get rid of steak knives because they're used in assaults?


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