The Franklin County Republican Central Committee has released their list of candidates they are officially endorsing for the 2016 local, state and Congressional campaign.

According to Committee members, they are throwing their support behind the following candidates:

  • Governor: Bill Bryant
  • 4th District Congressional Race: Clint Didier
  • Secretary of State (WA): Kim Wyman
  • State Treasurer: Duane Davidson
  • Commissioner of Public Lands: Steve McLaughlin
  • Superior Court (county) Judge Position 3: Alicia Berry
  • Superior Court (county) Judge Position 2: Sam Swanberg.

They're also backing Bill Jenkin and Mary Dye for State House positions, and Greg Zempel, Dave Larson, and David DeWolf for Superior Court Justice positions.

It's interesting to note that like their Benton County fellow GOP Committee, Franklin County has also endorsed Clint Didier for Congress. Dan Newhouse, the incumbent, is considered the 'party' mainstream choice, but both counties have sided with the grass-roots candidate, as Didier has come to be known.

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