There's always fine print somewhere, and I did locate it...eventually.

But that doesn't keep myself or other neighbors from being a little irritated that when we went to the Transfer Station in Kennewick over the last month, we found out we'd used up our dumps.

For years, Waste Management in Kennewick has allowed up to 12 free dumps a year for residents inside city limits. Of course, no rock, sod, asphalt, concrete, hazardous zombie materials etc.

But it was free. Until now. I took a big load of branches etc. up there Tuesday.

Transfer station (WM Facebook)
Transfer station (WM Facebook)

I pulled up to the weigh station at 27th and Ely and was told "you've used up your 6 free dumps."  6? what happened to 12?  The workers there said the reason it was cut back is because of abuse to the system.

A few years ago WM quit issuing the highlighter yellow dump stamp cards because people were sharing them with friends in other communities. Now, they go by driver's license and home address. Not sure how people could abuse dump privileges that way, but apparently they are.   Too many people from Pasco, Richland, and other areas are dumping their trash in Kennewick.

Some say 'outsiders' are bringing their trash, even trailers full of garbage, and having Kennewick friends haul it up there and dispose of it.

I called Waste Management Regional and found there is a link on their website with new 2021 dump procedures, and indeed it's been cut back.

But it would have been nice if they were giving people a heads up about it, "Hey, this is your fifth dump, you have one left"  kind of thing.

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A look at the City of Kennewick site, and a quick look at WM information doesn't show any noticeable changes, but it's there...somewhere, I was told.

NO it's not the end of the world, but certainly a source of irritation for me and my neighbors.  Now, I get to pull all the debris out of the back of my truck, grind it up in my yard with the mower, and overpack the dumpster. Otherwise, I drive around with a truck full of dead vegetation until next January...

I believe this will eventually result in Kennewick homeowners overstuffing their bins, and more illegal dumping in the future.


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