Fully vaccinated Inslee tests positive for COVID (TVW)
Fully vaccinated Inslee tests positive for COVID (TVW)









According to a rapid antigen test, Gov. Jay Inslee has tested positive for COVID-19

 Inslee is fully vaccinated

According to a statement released by the Governor's office: (released May 25th 2022)

"Today, Gov. Jay Inslee tested positive for COVID-19 on a rapid antigen test. Inslee is experiencing very mild symptoms including a mild cough. Inslee is working from home. He is consulting with his doctor to set up treatments for Paxlovid antiviral treatments. Inslee is fully vaccinated including two booster shots, the first in October 2021 and the second in March 2022. "

Inslee said "I am experiencing very mild symptoms, and am glad I am vaccinated and boosted" according to the news release.

His press team says he has a slight cough, he is apparently feeling fine. According to the information release, he will soon begin to undergo antiviral treatments.

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These are the same type of treatments utilized by President Trump when he contracted COVID, Trump utilized Remdesivir and Regeneron, part of several anti-virals administered to him.

It is NOT known if Inslee will be using the exact same medications. These are the same anti-viral type of drugs the FDA and Federal authorities tried to limit during various stages of the pandemic.


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