Oh the joys of modern technology. As the new owner of an Ipad, we have stumbled across the joys of playing with the photographic feature called Photo Booth. Much to the hysterical delight of family members, Photo Booth allows pictures to be taken or modified with at least 9 different effects, including squeeze, kaliedascope, stretch, and more. Here are some of my family members lovingly treated with these effects.

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    My wonderful son Dhylan-obviously surprised!

    Dhylan, our 12 year old son, treated with the vertical stretch feature.

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    Our 3 year old, Harley

    Our beautiful 3 year old daughter, Harley, after Photo Booth

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    Our 20 year old daughter Lindsay

    She's gonna kill me! She deliberately clowned for this one, after seeing how Dhylan and Harley turned out with Photo Booth!

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    Lindsay's fiance, Taylor

    Our daughter's fiance' has learned long ago, just join in the dysfunctionality of our family! He was having fun too--especially after Photo Booth!

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    Dhylan squeezed again

    one of the fun things with Photo Booth, with all effects, depending upon how the subject appears in the viewing screen for picture, it will treat them with a variation of each effect. My, his head seems to have shrunk a bit!