You see the graffiti everywhere now.

I know its been a long winter, but where are the crews tasked to cover up the graffiti that keeps popping up everywhere? The longer it goes unchecked, the more emboldened and brazen it's becoming. In Richland, both sides of the retaining walls at the bottom of Leslie Road where it connects to Columbia Park Trail. In Kennewick, the new Zintel Canyon taggings and massive graffiti freshly added to the sound wall approaching Yelm Southbound on Highway 395. In Pasco, both the Blue and Cable bridges have competing rival gangs tagging walls, girders, supports and signs on top of each other. Someone will have to replace the V-shaped billboards ruined by tagging at the base of the Blue Bridge going Kennewick to Pasco.

Never to minimize property damage, but at least we have our fingers and toenails. A 3-judge panel has decided that Grant County is NOT responsible for gang members torturing a homeless man. The man sued the county claiming that while on parole he became a target of local gang members. He asked for protection, permission to carry a gun and/or to be moved somewhere else. The county refused citing the conditions of his parole. As a result, gang members apprehended him, tore off his toenails and cut off several fingers with an axe. The judges said he had reasonable options to care for his own safety and the county is not at fault for the violence.

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