It started with Kaepernick, now it's spread. You might have seen the Fox Sports national story about Garfield H.S. in South Seattle, who's players knelt before the anthem Friday night, in protest over the flag and perceived 'social injustice.' One Garfield player was quoted as saying the flag disrespect issue is a "smokescreen," showing how little he really understands the big picture.    While we fully support everyone's right to have and voice their opinion, too many of these young protestors are just doing it because it's trendy, and they do not realize the enormous advancements and strides made since the beginning of Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Movement.

But here's a hard hitting story from one of our Townsquare Media stations in New Jersey, about how they plan to deal with athletes who kneel or protest the anthem at sporting events. The Diocese of Camden New Jersey issued a letter about what will happen to athletes who protest or fail to show "respect" for the flag.  This policy covers only schools who fall under their jurisdiction, and not some public schools who are in their sports league. While the District encourages voicing of opinions, and they mentioned the need for young people to express themselves etc etc, they finished with this strongly-worded statement!:

"However, let me be clear. We are not public institutions and free speech in all of its demonstrations, including protests is not a guaranteed right.
Failure to do demonstrate appropriate respect, will result in suspension from play (2 games) or dismissal from the team for subsequent offenses.”Click here to read the rest of the story.
  Newstalk 870 has not been made aware, not have we seen, any such protests in the Tri-Cities or Columbia Basin.