It's one thing to be replaced by another actor or famous person, but in this case,  Clooney's been bumped by a computer chip.

Nestle Brands, who are best known for their chocolate products in the U.S.  also sell coffee products world wide, including Japan.

Nestle officials announced this week Clooney, who had been the pitchman for their Japanese market, will be replaced by a robot known as "Pepper."

Developed and introduced this last summer by the Softbank technology company,  Pepper stands about 4 feet fall,  with a face that resembles a human, and can apparently understand 80% of human conversations!   The robot is not only going to replace Clooney in the TV and other ads, but over 1,000 retail locations will be getting their own Pepper robot. Nestle and Softbank officials say the interactive robot will be used to gather even more information from consumers about what they like (and don't like) about Nestle products.

Variations of Pepper are being used to sell mobile phones in Japan, and in February,  the robot will go on sale to the general public.   Try doing THAT with Clooney!


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