Not sure if Portland should feel honored or insulted?

Tuesday November 19th has been designated World Toilet Day, an effort to focus attention on the world's sanitation issues. A noble cause, we would agree--making sure people are free from disease and contaminants due to lack of sanitation.

But Portland might be taking this personally. Especially since a significant portion of it's downtown dwellers seem to think it's OK to SKIP the toilet and just leave "it" on the sidewalk, in the park, on benches (same for Seattle too).

But regardless of the city's inability to control it's bowel movements, a giant 30 foot inflatable poop emoji has been set up downtown, courtesy of the folks who make Poo-Pourri, that stuff you seen on TV that you spray into the toilet before you go. It makes "it" smell better.

The 'kid-friendly' display is free, and for every visitor, $2 is being donated towards the World Toilet Organization's effort to provide better sanitation for people in less than developed areas. Perhaps they could start with....downtown Portland? Or Seattle? The emoji is located at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

If you're wanting to check it out, you better hurry. The emoji will be deflated and take down at the end of the day Tuesday, 11-19.  It's been up for the weekend, apparently.

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