"It looks like our entire state has hit a dead end on the governor’s roadmap."

Friday, that's what GOP Senate Minority Leader John Braun had to say about Gov. Inslee's press conference Thursday. Inslee announced a one-week "pause" for any regions that might be moved backwards, but failed to say if any are close. He did not elaborate. He also focused on vaccines and talked about a statute of a noted Washington pioneer, but little else.

Braun and other GOP and business leaders are frustrated over what they see as stalling and avoidance when it comes to where the state moves from Phase 2.

"Governor Inslee gave the impression that the number of COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions and other metrics tied to the roadmap may no longer be as relevant. Instead he’s talking about the variants of the virus, and the capability of the vaccines, as though those have become more important. The businesses that are now stuck indefinitely in Phase 2 – which is half as open as they could be four months ago – deserve more clarity than he offered today." (referring to Thursday--clarification added).

Braun said the Governor has talked about "science," and says he should utilize empirical science (in person, in front of eyes) by talking to business owners and workers whose establishments are half as open as they were four months ago.

Inslee has been pressed, even by the west side and Seattle area media (who usually throw him softball questions in press conferences) about what Phase 3 will look like and when it would start. The Governor has basically tap-danced around the issue, and we have no more clarity now than we did when this new regional district approach began the first week of January.

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