As part of his declaration of emergency for some 20 Eastern Washington counties experiencing raging wildfires, Gov. Inslee didn't hesitate to slip in a statement about how he feels about his environmental agenda.

In fact, given part of his statements, you could almost expect once the situation dies down, he will use these fires as an excuse to renew his radical push for controversial environmental-climate change programs, including carbon taxes.

Inslee met with incident commanders near Spokane and other areas to get an update on the dozens of wildfires burning throughout our region.

He said in part:

"Our forests and wild lands are under attack from climate change."

He instructed state agencies, according to the Associated Press (AP), to lend any and all assistance to helping local and regional fire teams and officials to beat back the flames. The fire burning near Kahlotus still has power and phone service knocked out to the town, crews are working to restore power poles burned in the blaze. Another fire is being battled near Toppenish, and homes have been burned in Lincoln and Stevens Counties near Indian reservations, along with dozens of other blazes.

The state of emergency declaration covers 20 counties, including Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Walla Walla, Garfield, Whitman, Lincoln and Spokane counties.  According to the AP, Inslee blamed the blazes on tree diseases and rising temperatures caused by climate change.