A new program has been launched by Governor Jay Inslee, which would allow pardons to be granted to adults who've received a single misdemeanor pot conviction. It's officially called the Marijuana Justice Initiative.

Gov. Inslee unveiled the plan over the weekend. According to sources, if the person received the conviction as an adult between the years of January 1st 1998 and December 5th 2012, they can go online and fill out an online form seeking a pardon.

It must be the only one on their record, they cannot be currently facing other related charges, and it must have been prosecuted under state law, not local ordinances.

State officials say there could be as many as 3,500 people who are eligible, they're not sure how many will apply.

The reason for the pardon program is due to the legalization of pot, and Inslee says people who were charged should not have one issue from their past preventing them from getting a job, an apartment or other important matters.



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