Saying it's part of "dismantling systemic racism" Gov. Inslee announced he's convened a task group to look at and examine deadly use of force by law enforcement, during his press conference Thursday.  He said the committee

He also addressed the opening of schools this fall, claiming Trump "attacking" our state,  saying we need to make decisions by the state of Washington. He claims Trump has "threatening" our colleges and universities.  Inslee says Trump's claims are "hogwash."  Decisions about school will remain with the state of Washington.

He made perhaps his most pronounced attacks on Trump starting at about the 17:11 mark of the conference video. He claims Trump has made a pattern of "holding out children as pawns" and continues to "threaten our dreamers."

Inslee, addressing local schools, said he will open schools in a manner that "maximizes learning while is simultaneously safe" for students. Inslee said he will be meeting with the SPI for various ideas that school districts that have come up with for schools.

He said despite "bluster" from the President and some legislators, he claims "Washintonians" agree with our path on COVID.

Inslee spent much time condemning states that he thinks opened too fast or too soon, citing a New York Times report that surges are taking place.

He reiterated the same verbage about masking up and wanting to open up businesses in a safe manner.  He seemed very focused on mask use, paying only lip service to the economy.

He, as usual, damped down on any good news by saying we are still in a fight. And gleefully mentioned a seafood restaurant that he said flaunted King County regulations and was shut down.

He mentioned Starbucks are making masks a requirement nationwide, and a bakery in Yakima that are wearing masks.

Also at the 26:00 mark, lengthy delay for technical issues as he prepared to take questions.

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