Franklin County Sheriff's had a massive "chicken" issue on their hands when a semi-truck was mis-routed by GPS and got stuck on some railroad tracks on a rather rural rough road.

Early Saturday morning, shortly after 6am, the large semi got high-centered on the railroad crossing just north of Connell. The driver had been using GPS to bypass some construction on Highway 261, to go around the detour. He'd been seeking the most direct by pass and hoping to avoid 'dirt' roads and conditions like this.

However, the GPS routed him over some railroad tracks with didn't fit well with the load. The truck got stuck and finally 5 hours later, was towed off the crossing. It was then able to continue delivering what was said to be a 'massive' load of chicken nuggets bound for a number of area fast-food restaurants.

Once again, GPS saves the day---not really. He's not the first driver to find that sometimes GPS will send you to the ends of the earth, literally.


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