You've probably heard us talk about Zerorez carpet cleaning on Newstalk 870, and the outstanding work they perform.   Now, they've stepped it up even more with THE most advanced air duct and pipe cleaning system on the market!

Tyson from Zerorez showed us exactly WHY you need to have your duct work cleaned.   We had no clue, but studies show that if you don't keep your heating and cooling system clean, the duct work, it can be pretty unhealthy.

Tyson said the average home recirculates the air in your pipes about 75 times a day.   It takes about six hours for any dust, dirt and particulates that come up from the vents to settle.   Ever seen those tiny dust particles drifting in the air in your home, especially when the sun is shining through the windows?  That's just part of what's flying around your home.  Also, all that debris lurking inside your duct work can block the proper air flow, making your system work harder to heat and cool your home, making for bigger power bills.

It also settles in the carpets, gets stirred up again and again.  Throw in pet dander, lint, even mold and it's hard on the lungs.

We'd never had ours cleaned in about ten years, and when Zerorez was done,  the filter looked like a scavenger hunt!   Everything from crayons, to Q-tips, from toy blocks to marbles (kids!) was in there.  Plus, tons of dirt, lint and allergens.    We even found a 2" by 3" toy that somehow one of our children dropped into the vent!

Look what Zerorez found in our ducts!
(Townsquare media image)

Zerorez uses the latest technology, with this very futuristic-looking wire propeller brush that is combined with a powerful suction hose.   It travels through the duct work, and as it spins, it not only sucks out the dirt and gunk, but cleans the inside of the pipes to.  It's like a giant spinning pipecleaner!    Most duct cleaning companies DON'T use this technology, they just vacuum and hope they get it all.

Call 509-582-9000 or see their website or Facebook page and get your ducts cleaned in time for winter.   With our homes buttoned up tightly against the cold, the air quality needs to be good!   And remember to have the carpets done too!

Zerorez is famous for their non-chemical, non-soapy cleaning method that uses supercharged water to get your carpets cleaner than any machine can.   They're affordable, flexible, with even Saturday appointments.  But hurry, as Tyson said the holidays get even busier, and you don't want to wait until the week of Thanksgiving to get the house looking great!    And having your ducts cleaned will also keep your carpets cleaner too - less dirt and dust flying around in the air.  Give Zerorez a call today!

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