She was gone and now she's back all thanks to American Legion Post 34 in Pasco.

The flag and its pole got busted a few weeks back in heavy winds and now thanks to the awesome folks in the Tri-Cities and American Legion Post 34, funds were raised to replace "Old Glory" high atop the I-395 Bridge connecting Kennewick to Pasco
According to a post on the American Legion Post 34 Facebook page:
The new US flag flying over the I-395 bridge connecting Kennewick and Pasco, Washington was raised 11/5/2019. It was purchased with funds donated to The American Legion Post 34 flag fund by citizens and businesses in the Tri-City community and requires replacement approximately twice annually due to weathering. Post 34 has maintained the flag since 1989.
I'd like to a brief moment and thank the American Legion Post 34 for their tireless efforts in maintaining the flag and glad to see it flying proudly once again.


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