One is not a surprise, the other,  is.Just like after Obama was elected in 2008,  this year gun sales soared after the President was re-elected, perhaps exceeding levels seen four years ago.

Especially hot are AK-47's and other semi-automatic weapons.  After the 2004 expiration of a previous Clinton ban that limited certain criteria on the weapons-including the size of the ammunition magazine,  sales climbed again. The number of backround checks on Americans seeking to buy guns went up another 18.4 percent.   Obama openly discussed October 16th about re-introducing an assault rifle ban.    Experts say, though, it goes beyond semi-automatic weapons.   Most agree it's a general fear of the public over Second Amendment rights, and they see Obama as a threat.

More surprising than the rise in gun sales, though, is the increase in requests to the Federal government to 'secede' from the United States!  People in 20 different states have submitted official petitions to the White House, asking to secede or withdraw from the U.S. and create their own governments.

In order to require an official response from the Federal government, a petition has to have at least 25,000 signatures.  Many of these are not far behind.   One from Louisiana contains 12,300, another from Texas 15,400.  The White House website displays petition information for those containing over 150 signatures.  The list of states who have had citizens official file the petitions for secession  include Montana and yes, Oregon!

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