What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?

We want our costumes to be fun, frightening or even flirtatious. According to leading manufacturers, this year superheroes are big sellers. Captain America,  The Hulk and others appear to be popular. All Avengers are doing well. Angry Birds are even showing up as costumes.

Other sources agree a mix of super heroes (Catwoman-style and Batman costumes) are popular, plus vampires are standard fare for Halloween. And of course, how could we forget zombies? With America's craze of the "living" dead, or un-dead, you are sure to see some of the zonked-0ut creatures roaming the streets Oct. 31 -- both adult and child. Political costumes, from what we saw, don't seem to be "in" this year.

But do be careful if you're going the zombie route. While people want to have an authentic costume, in the wake of the "bath salts" attacks that occurred weeks ago in Florida, you may get shot! A Miami man filming a movie he hoped to go viral dressed up as a zombie, chased people and ended up getting shot at!

If you're doing the zombie thing, don't oversell it. Even here in the Tri-Cities, somebody might really think you're un-dead and the consequences could be ugly!





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