We've been getting reports of shadowy figures lurking in the dark out in the field, hiding in the weeds, and getting zapped by the 200 foot radio tower in our multi-acre field.  This picture was found in the camera of a Townsquare employee who mysteriously disappeared last week.

Now, of course we are getting ready for Scaregrounds 2016, Eastern Washington's LARGEST haunted attraction coming this October. But with all the derelict buildings, structures, and zombies and monsters hanging out in the field, we're getting a little uneasy. The creatures are inert and inactive during the day, but at night, it's a different story apparently.

One of the creatures, shortly before breaking out of his enclosure (Townsquare Media)

Neighbors have reported seeing movement in the field late at night, shadows moving, shuffling, and eerie noises coming from inside the buildings. We can't get the security guards to go in, they're too spooked.

Guess you will just have to wait until October to find out what the fuss is about...that is, if you dare! In the meantime, make sure you click like on our Facebook page, and maybe the zombies will spare you this time.