Not everybody can go to work with a smile on his or her face. However, there are places in America where that actually is the case. recently teamed up with Forbes to compile a list of the happiest and unhappiest cities for workers.

So, where in this great country of ours can you find the city with happiest workers? If you said Dayton, Ohio and Knoxville, Tennessee, then give yourself a lollipop because you win. Those two metropolises tied for the top spot. At the other end of the spectrum is Boulder, Colorado. The beautiful scenery clearly isn't enough for people earning their paychecks there.


1. (tie) Dayton, Ohio
1. (tie) Knoxville, Tennessee
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. (tie) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5. (tie) Virginia Beach, Virginia
7. Grand Rapids, Michigan
8. (tie) Trenton, New Jersey
8. (tie) St. Louis, Missouri
8. (tie) Salt Lake City, Utah


1. Boulder, Colorado
2. Reno, Nevada
3. Wichita, Kansas
4. Fresno, California
5. Little Rock, California
6. (tie) Cleveland, Ohio
6. (tie) El Paso, Texas
8. (tie) Stockton, California
8. (tie) Allentown, Pennsylvania
10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Short of working in a rainbow factory, there are other factors that go into figuring out which are the happiest cities to work. Rankings were based on 36,000 people around the country answering questions in several areas, including:

* Relationship with the boss and co-workers
* Work environment
* Job resources
* Compensation
* Growth opportunities
* Company culture
* Company reputation
* Daily tasks

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