Do you know a family, or know of one who might be having a tough time making Christmas happen this holiday?  One who could use some help making sure children get some gifts, or providing a holiday dinner? Then let Excalibur Auto Group know about it!

Just like last year, Newstalk 870 is teaming with Excalibur Auto Group in Kennewick to provide the means for a family to celebrate Christmas by helping with gifts, a Christmas meal, or other means to make it special.

Here's how YOU can help!  Just nominate them by calling Excalibur at (509)-783-2351, or stop by their new showroom at 8201 West Clearwater in Kennewick from 8am to 7pm. Let them know who the family is, how to contact them, and a little bit about them so Excalibur can help provide a special Christmas.

In order to make sure they can provide the Christmas help needed, we ask that your nominations be in by the end of the business day Wednesday, December 21st.  It could be a family, single mom or dad raising children, someone who you know needs some help making Christmas special.

Make sure to nominate and let Excalibur know somebody you believe deserves this special Christmas, and they will do the rest! Thanks and Merry Christmas from Excalibur Auto Group and Newstalk870!

You can also nominate a family oneline, send it to:

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