One Of Our Favorite Celebrities Loves Fishing In Idaho

One of my favorite T-shirts in the 4th grade was a light blue T featuring the one and only Fonz! I thought I was the coolest kid, I even took my 4th-grade class picture wearing that T-Shirt.

Garry Marshall Theatre's 3rd Annual Founder's Gala Honoring Original "Happy Days" Cast
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Winkler Has Starred In Arrested Development And The Waterboy

You might not know the show that made Henry Winkler famous but you know him from so many other shows. Winkler has become a cultural icon and even his leather jacket from Happy Days is in the Smithsonian Institute.

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Growing up, I could never imagine a celebrity coming to Washington or Oregon but I soon realized celebrities are just like us and some celebrities really love their fishing.

18th Annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards
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My dad's favorite thing to do was fishing and even though he's passed, I think he'd get a hoot that Henry Winkler was fishing in the streams of Idaho.

Winkler Was Spotted Fishing In The Waters Of Idaho

We've always known the Pacific Northwest as a great place to fish and hunt and now it looks like our favorite celebrities have discovered the peaceful and relaxing waters and streams of Idaho.

Henry Winkler was spotted in Idaho fishing up a storm and it looks like CBS This Morning came along for the ride. Winkler took to his Twitter to show off his catches and some amazing photos of his fishing trip to Idaho.

I'm sure those that ran in to Henry Winkler did a double-take but soon realized that yes the Fonz was there fishing. I've heard that Henry Winkler is cordial and nice if you meet him face to face. I'm looking at his catch from his Idaho trip in his photos and it does look like he landed "The Big One"

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