In early 2018, the Washington State Department of Transportation plans to test a pay-per-mile tax idea, which if implemented, would gradually be used to replace the gas tax in our state.

This idea was first floated in 2016, but no plans were made to actually test it. But this month, the WSDOT said they will test it with a pilot program next year.

The idea is to initially charge  2.4 cents for each mile driven by the participants. They won't actually be 'charged,' it's to figure out how the 'average' driving habits of a motorist would generate revenue.  A similar plan is being tested in Oregon, and reportedly, according to, 85 percent of their drivers who were in the Oregon study liked it!

However, Oregon's test is based upon 1.5 cents per mile. No mention was made of what kinds of vehicles were tested, nor has that been widely released in the WA proposal.  Critics are asking if delivery and fleet vehicles are being considered, and if the state is taking into account people and companies who's livelihood depends upon a LOT of driving. No word on whether the greater distances driven in Eastern Washington are being considered either. We're a lot more spread out and wide open than Seattle or the west side. That will definitely affect our taxes, if they ever implement this.

In Oregon, they appear to be a lot more serious, their plan, if it works, is to replace their gas tax completely by the year 2025.

We received a storm of comments and input on this, so we are including a link to the Washington State Department of Transportation contact page, where you can reach out to them and voice your opinion. To do so, click here to be taken to the page.

We encourage you to give your input, it is important, regardless of which side of the issue you are on.

Supporters say the reason for this plan is because the traditional gas tax is not bringing in 'enough' revenue, due to increasing fuel economy in cars, more hybrids and electrics, and consumers modifying driving habits due to high gas prices.

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