Officials say it actually happens about every four to five years, but people tend to forget just how much water can show up.

Areas of Riverfront Park in Hermiston are closed now due to very high water levels, as the Umatilla River has again leapt over its banks. Authorities say Riverfront Park and Oxbow Trail were actually designed to accept or collect vast amounts of water in case the river climbed over its banks.

The topography was groomed so that much of the water in the area would flow into the park, instead of damaging other areas with homes and building. The water will, as it has in previous years, recede. That's why no homes were allowed to be build in this flood plain area -- a park was created instead.

Officials say parks and other large land areas are remarkably resilient, and can handle large amounts of water without sustaining tremendous damage.

But until the Umatilla goes down, the park is off limits.

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