We don't make these up, they actually happen.  Pasco police report an intoxicated driver who destroyed another car with his pickup was actually apprehended while relieving himself by the side of the road several miles away. The suspect's truck is pictured.

Sunday evening, around 8:44pm, people in the 5300 block of West Sylvester heard a very loud smash or crash sound, and ran outside.

They found a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora sitting in the road near an intersection, with the front end destroyed. The three people inside were OK, but they told the witnesses a truck had come at them head on. It was swerving all over the road, then smashed into their car, rendering it inoperable.

The neighbors jumped in their car and headed west, the direction the victims last saw  the large black 2006 GMC Sierra suspect truck. The people following the truck called police when they saw it sitting on the shoulder of Road 60 near Agate Street.

When police sped to the scene, they found 27-year-old Hugo Cesar Leon-Estrada, who was the registered owner, standing behind the rear of the vehicle, urinating. A quick investigation revealed he was the driver, and showed obvious signs of intoxication. He was booked into the Franklin County jail on suspicion of DUI, failure to stop and identify (accident) no valid insurance and driving left of center (in the wrong lane).

Apparently damage his truck sustained in the accident eventually caused his tire and suspension to fail, and that's why he stopped.

No word if he was cited for public urination.

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