Area near where cougar was spotted (Google street view)
Area near where cougar was spotted (Google street view)



Boy, they're just out and about, aren't they?

(Story is corrected from SE Kennewick to SW Kennewick

Another cougar was spotted in Kennewick.

The Benton County Sheriff's office has just reported another cougar sighting, in SW Kennewick.

Monday,around 12:15 PM, a worker at a new housing subdivision spotted the cat strolling by first, near Clodfelter and Triple Vista Road. The location is a little over two miles southeast of the interchange of I-82 and Highway 395.

Another view of area where cougar was spotted (Google street view)
Another view of area where cougar was spotted (Google street view)


Then a few more workers were startled when the animal wandered by a nearby scale house building. The animal didn't seem to pay them any attention and continued to saunter on its way.

No word on the size or appearance of the animal, but from what we've been told by the SE WA Department of Fish and Wildlife animal expert, probably a male.

And, it was probably just out "dispersing" as DFW says they do this time of year.

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DFW was notified, and as always, if you come across one up close, don't crouch down, don't run. Yell, puff up your chest, make noise to make yourself look bigger, but DO NOT charge or approach it. If you appear to be 'big,' the cat will most likely leave you alone. DFW says they don't like interacting with us either.  If you see one in the distance, don't 'chase' after it trying to get a photo or video. Call authorities.

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