October 1st means you're 'supposed' to be able to log on to the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and shop for competitively priced plans.   Some experts have advice to consider.

If you're not insured, and have nowhere else to turn,  this could be a viable option.  You really don't have a choice, unless you want to pay the IRS at least $95 bucks come next spring.

But if you're like a large number of working Americans, who have a family,  both mom and dad work, and have at least a reasonable health care plan through work,  consider these facts:

  • Forbes Magazine said in an in-depth report September 23rd, that Obamacare will increase the average medical expenditures for a typical family of four by at least $7,450 for the years between 2014 and 2022!   The government's own actuary and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said Obamacare will increase healthcare spending by about $621 billion dollars.   Forbes did the math, and that's the national average for a typical family of four.     So,  if you've already got a decent policy, you might as well keep it, rather than risk finding a lesser plan that might be cheaper, but not as effective, on the health care exchange.  (Obama has claimed the plan would lower average family health care costs by about $2,500 annually-Forbes).
  • Marketwatch, on Tuesday October 1st,  reported some of the ins-and-outs of the healthcare exchanges.   They recommended if you already have a plan, keep it:

"If you have an employer-based insurance plan that you’re happy with, stick with it. If you have Medicare, you don’t need to think about these marketplaces. You’re covered."

Marketwatch went on to say:

"You don’t need to sign up today, or even next week, to ensure you get coverage for 2014. And considering all the technical glitches that come with the onset of any new program of this magnitude, you might be better off waiting a few weeks."

  • Based upon a trickle of data the the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finally began to release about a week before the arrival of Obamacare, Forbes online projected The Affordable Car Act will actually drive UP premiums for young men anywhere from 97-99%, and between 55-67% for women.   HHS had gleefully claimed premiums would drop as much as 16% but Forbes said that was "a ruse."

Their advice seems to be, especially if you already have coverage, is to wait, examine and see what happens to your own policy.  While Obama claimed you could keep your doctor if you like your plan,   the very premise of Obamacare working depends heavily on most of the country participating.  If millions opt out,  it just won't work.

And we've reported here previously the increasing number of stories about families with existing, solid plans who've seen their premiums double or triple as insurance companies try to become compliant with the plan.   The future for your healthcare, even if you have it, appears to be very uncertain.


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