Defenders of Diamond merch now available (TC DUST DEVILS)
Defenders of Diamond merch now available (TC DUST DEVILS)

A few weeks ago, the Tri-City Dust Devils announced a special merchandise deal with Marvel Comics.

  Now the Defenders of the Diamond Merch is available

The Dust Devils are one of 96 pro baseball teams who are participating in this special Marvel Comics promotion.

Each of these teams in the promotion has had their mascot logos tweaked with a Marvel theme, centered around 'defending the diamond.'

According to the Dust Devils back on November 7th:

"During the 2023 season, participating teams will don special jerseys and hats, displaying their team’s Marvel-inspired logo. Specific dates will be announced at a later time."

Everett, Eugene, Hillsboro, and Spokane of the High A West League are also participating.

  Now, the merchandise is available. To take a look for yourself, click here.


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