A nursing assistant convicted of theft might stand to lose their license, after the Washington State Department of Health says they failed to respond to what's called a statement of charges.

The Department of Health, in their weekly disciplinary briefing, reported a Tri-City based nursing assistant has been charged with unprofessional conduct following their misdemeanor conviction for theft.

Michelle L. Gier was convicted in Benton County court after she stole a client's Walmart gift card and used it for herself last July 6th. Gier, who worked for Tri-Cities Residential Services since 2009, was required to respond to the charges. As of this writing, DOH officials say she has not responded to the charges within the specified amount of time. The statement of charges was sent out earlier this spring.

Failure to do so can ultimately result in a provider losing their license or credentials. Tri-City Residential Services provides a wide variety of services and programs to enable disabled people to live independent lives, usually in their own home, according to their website. It is not known if Gier still works for the company.

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