The amount of money spent on what are considered "unwanted" Christmas presents is staggering.

According to a study done by, and published the first week of December, $15.2 billion dollars will be spent on gifts that are either going to be unused, thrown away or re-gifted--the won't ever be used for intended purpose.

Despite that staggering number though, less than 1 in four of us plan to "re-gift" those items.  Most of the time, we end up returning them to the store (if the giver included a gift receipt) or they just gather dust. says about 22% of people surveyed admit they will re-gift at least one item from 2019 in 2020.  At least 61% of surveyed people say they receive at least one unwanted gift. The two largest categories of unwanted Christmas presents are 1) clothing at 43% and 2) household items, 20%. Perfumes and cosmetics came in a distant third.

By the way, 7% of people surveyed admit they end up giving away the unwanted gift to either another person, charity or a thrift store such as Goodwill.


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