Huff half in the buff leads to cuffs. Can't make this stuff up.

On Friday morning, Kennewick police arrested a man who allegedly passed out on the ground near a bus stop with his butt exposed in plain view of children waiting to go to school. From Kennewick PD:

Indecent Exposure Investigation (Case #19-03873)

This morning, officers responded to the area of 45th Avenue and Quincy Street in Kennewick. Numerous citizens reported that a male was allegedly exposing his buttocks to people. When officers arrived, they allegedly observed 35 year old Daniel Penselin huffing compressed air cans, in open view, with his buttocks still exposed. Daniel was arrested for suspicion of Indecent Exposure and Fume Sniffing. He was booked into Benton County Jail.

Police received a call around 8:15 a.m. saying the man was across the street from a bus stop where children were waiting for their ride to school near West 45th Avenue and South Quincy Place.

At one point, the man reportedly “woke up, took a hit off an aerosol can, breathed in the fumes and then passed out again,” said police spokesman Sgt. Aaron Clem.

Officers arrived to find 35-year-old Daniel Charles Penselin lying face down with his half of his buttocks exposed.

Penselin was booked at the Benton County Jail on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and fumes sniffing.

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