A huge victory for religious freedom in the U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court, in another potentially crippling blow to the Affordable Care Act, has just issued a ruling today that businesses can refuse to pay for mandatory birth control or contraception services for religious or theological reasons.

This was a huge issue for Catholic-based organizations and Hobby Lobby as well.

If a group can show they have a theological and reasonable religious backround then they can opt out.  This doesn't include fringe groups who utilize strange or little-known "faiths" that they've made up just to avoid paying.   Businesses can now, for religious reasons,  not have to offer plans whose contraceptive services that would include abortion coverage.

Now, the Obama Administration will have to find another way to provide free contraception to women who are covered under already existing plans offered by employers.

Obamacare had required that businesses offer FREE contraceptive services to women,  flying in the face of most religious beliefs.

The ruling is considered a significant victory for religious and theological rights.  Although nothing is certain,  it is expected the Obama Administration will fight the ruling,  as they continue their precedent for policies that trample on the religious and theological freedoms of Americans.

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