According to the Border Patrol, and the Department Of Homeland Security, arrests of illegal aliens coming to the US are plunging.

Not since the Nixon Administration has the number of arrests been this low.  DHS data shows over 327 thousand illegals were apprehended on or near the US Border during the fiscal year 9-2010--9-2011. That figure is well below the all time high of hearly 1.6 million arrested in 2000.  Some officials say it's due to the struggling US economy and the number of illegals leaving the US is equaling the number coming across, virtually a zero state.   90 percent of illegals caught crossing into the US are of Hispanic origin, but many officials say even thousands of them are leaving the country after being unable to find work.  Another factor deterring some is the escalating drug wars in Mexico that have killed more than 40 thousand people over the last ten years, some of them travelers trying to cross the border and hijacked by cartels.  More sinister, however, are reports that the Feds have told Border Patrol Agents to arrest fewer illegals.   Coming on the heels of the horrific Fast And Furious program, that would not surprise many people.