Benton County Sheriff's are stepping up patrols over a several-square-mile area near the intersection of Ayers and Meals Roads near Finley because of a growing problem of illegal dumping.

It began earlier this year, with several large piles of what appeared to contain construction or remodeling waste. Some other garbage piles were discovered and even the remains of several cars. No word if any of those cars were related to any recent auto thefts.

It's grown to the point of area residents calling to report them frequently. So far, nobody has been "caught in the act," but with the increased patrols officials are hoping to nab them or at least discourage it from happening. Most of the trash has been found early in the morning, indicating the dumpers are dropping off their waste in the nighttime hours.

Besides the patrols, Deputies are asking area residents or anyone else who may be in the area to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. County workers have also posted a number of new "no dumping" and "no shooting" signs in the hopes of reminding folks it's a big no no.


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