Pasco police were alerted, as were just about everyone along the way, by the shower and trail of sparks from the truck.

Less than an hour after midnight New Years Eve, the first hour of the new year, this blue pickup slammed into a utility pole on West A street near 12th Ave. taking out not only the fender, but the entire right front wheel assembly and suspension.

But never mind that. The driver, identified as 40-year-old Amymechele Clayborn of Kennewick, was determined to get where she was headed. After leaving behind the wheel, suspension and fender, she continued westbound on "A" street, past our radio stations, then up 28th to the Tahitian Inn. Upon arrival there, another call was made to police about the 'blue truck with no right front wheel showing sparks' that just showed up in their parking lot.

She was arrested for DUI as well as hit-and-run, it's believed the truck is totaled. We'd say so, judging from the damage--not to mention what was ground off underneath.

Sad to say, she will be minus the truck, her license, and for a while, her freedom. Call a cab if you get too blitzed to drive!

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