Flash back to 1995, the whole world is captivated by the O.J. Simpson murder case.

Detective Mark Fuhrman and his boss were the first detectives to the scene of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's murders. Detective Fuhrman would be the first to find the bloody glove.

He had previously been called to the Simpsons' home in 1985 because of a domestic violence call when they were still married.

O.J. Simpson At His Criminal Trial
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Mark Fuhrman famously used his Fifth Amendment right under-oath when asked if he had planted any evidence during the investigation.

Detective Fuhrman became the focal point of media scrutiny when it was revealed via tape recordings that he had committed perjury. He had said in court he had not used a racial slur in 10 years, but the tapes contradicted those statements.

What does he do now? Well, Mark Fuhrman is now a TV personality, radio host, and author. He lives in Spokane and frequently gives input on Fox News as a forensic expert.

He covered O.J.'s parole hearing this year.

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