Thursday Gov. Inslee said any Phase advancement beyond Phase 2 will come in the next few weeks after "discussions" with business, local leaders, medical personnel and "development of science" concerning new COVID strains that have appeared in our state.

He also announced in "recognition" of progress, the state is putting a one week "pause" on any regions going backwards. He didn't specify if any regions were in danger of doing so.

For the first time since the failed Safe Start plan ended, Inslee addressed why it was repackaged as the Healthy Washington Plan. He claimed the state realized they did not need, nor was it good to use, a "hair trigger circuit breaker" when it came to analyzing COVID data.  Apparently a reference to minor rises causing counties to be held back or even put backwards. He claimed the previous plan focused too closely on a 'smaller' set of data; he says the new plan takes into account more accurate information.

Most GOP and business leaders say the plan was retooled because the state ground to a dismal halt under the Safe Start Plan, with no hope of every making progress.

When asked if the metrics will continue to be recorded and monitored despite all regions being in Phase 2,  Inslee said no, not really. Another official jumped in and explained the data will still be available for citizens and others to see. It was a rather awkward moment.

Reporters kept pressing Inslee about how Phase 3 and 4 (if that's what they do) will be figured, and what they will look like.  Inslee went back to his talking with business, medical, scientific and other leaders position.

Nothing else substantial or of note was revealed during the press conference as far as COVID goes. He also briefly mentioned a few legislative issues.

He complained about the legislature 'watering down' his proposed bill (introduced by Democrats) that would eliminate the use of credit scores in auto insurance rates. Inslee claims it's discriminatory, and said the watered down bill loses most of it's effectiveness. He said he asked the legislature to restore it.

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