"We regret this mistake"

That was the phrase Gov. Inslee used to sum up the viral story of his illegally transporting maggot infested apples from western washington several quarantined areas in eastern WA, while visiting areas burned by wildfires.

Inslee, in his Thursday press conference, briefly mentioned the story and re-told how he and wife Trudy had picked the apples from trees by the Governor's mansion and distributed them. The event set off a frantic search for the crates in Douglas and Chelan Counties. Moth apples were also handed out in Malden last week.

He didn't offer any views on breaking state law however.  He did say "we" (presumably he and Trudy?) would be making donations to food banks in the three counties affected, Whitman, Douglas and Chelan. Then he moved on.

His press conference was focused on mental health, and he listed a number of sources including DSHS, as well as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Several mental health speakers were in on the call.

It was interesting however, the way he addressed the political turmoil in Seattle and surrounding areas. He listed off our sources of stress; from COVID, to the recent fires, but referred to the upheaval in Seattle as "historic  protests for change".

There was some useful information for those in burned out areas of the state, namely changes and funding for the Disaster Cash Assistance Program, where citizens can "apply to see if they are eligible (Inslee's words) for help. via the website through DSHS.

He also said the state has applied for and is seeking a Federal Disaster Area Declaration due to all the wildfire damage.

To watch the press conference for yourself, click on the button below.

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