Gov. Inslee surprised many by ending the Stay at Home lockdown, effective May 31 at midnight, at his press conference Friday afternoon, May 29.

However, a new set of county by county criteria will now be used to determine who will move to Phase 2 or Phase 3.

Inslee laid out the steps that will be used:

  1.   25 or fewer COVID positive tests/cases per 100K in population for at least 14 days.
  2.   Hospital capacity for beds and treating potential COVID Patients. Must meet certain levels.
  3.   Contact Tracing.   Counties must be at certain levels to satisfy state.
  4.   limit the number of specific located outbreaks, no more than 3 for the largest counties, -0- for counties with less than 75K total population.

Inslee also heavily pushed the wearing of face masks, he called it a "commitment of love" and said the "science and data" shows it works. He also brought in Dr. John Lynch from Harborview Medical Center, who pushed hard for the masks as well. He said people who are largely Asymptomatic spread the virus, much like the flu.  He said wearing a mask will stop it.

Starting June 8, unless you work 'alone' all workers will now be required to wear a mask. Employers will be required to wear one. 

Then Inslee wanderedt off into a brief lecture about inequity.  He tied in the death of George Floyd in the Midwest. He claims the COVID virus has "exposed" inequities in our society, but did not elaborate.  He did mention police brutality, and shortcomings in those areas before moving on.

And John Weisman, the Health Director, kind of threw counties under the bus, saying it's up to them to embrace and show the state they're committed. They strongly implied future success will depend upon how hard the counties work on these measures, basically saying the state has done it's part.

To watch the conference for yourself, click on the button below.

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