The Kennewick Irrigation District and other water suppliers are reminding customers to get ready.

You've probably already seen water in some canals around the Mid-Columbia and deliveries for many systems will begin Monday. KID says all of its districts should have water by April 17.

Some general tips for users (in ALL districts):

  • Make sure your valves are closed to prevent flooding. Many open them to allow the water to evaporate during the fall and winter, but if left open could create a mess if the water comes on while you're at work.
  • Check your riser and valve for any possible freeze damage as soon as possible.  Call your local irrigation district if you suspect any issues. Some private lines may be the responsibility of the landowner; call your district if you're not sure.
  • If applicable, check any exposed or open pipes for cracks.
  • Most irrigators are reporting the water supply looks very good for 2013 and, according to the KID, a "full supply is anticipated."

The KID, Columbia Irrigation and others have maps and information about when specific areas can expect to see water.

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