A phone call to Costco Corporate in the Seattle did not answer any questions at least not for now...as of Monday August 30.

A couple of days ago a woman in the Tri-Cities received what she said was a letter from Costco, claiming her membership was being reviewed for potential cancellation for improper mask wearing.

The woman said she went into the Kennewick Costco on Tuesday, the day after the mandate went into effect Monday August 23rd.  She said she was wearing a mask, albeit it was under her nose. She said nobody said anything to her, and the store staff were courteous.

However Thursday August 26th she received this letter in the mail. Her personal information has been redacted for safety and privacy. The letter read in part:

"Due to your failure to not wear your mask properly your Costco membership account is being reviewed to be canceled. We  do not want to cancel it, but if  you are not  willing to follow out mask policy it will be revoked and your shopping privileges will be canceled."

It went on to quote a line from the membership rules on their website that "membership may be terminated at Costco's discretion."

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The letter contains a crude looking signature, and the names of the GM and the three Assistant Managers, and the phone number to call if they wish to discuss the membership.

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However, it is not on Costco letterhead. So, we called Costco Corporate and asked a member of their media team about this. We explained the entire situation.  We were told they do not address issues over the phone, we would have to fill out an official media team request, which is then addressed/answered within 24-48 hours.

According to our source, two other people claim they have received a similar letter. We have filled out the media request form, and will update when we hear back.


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