Police reports indicated the suspect may have been wearing a disguise.

Despite looking suspiciously like a former coworker (just joking, they would never do anything like this) one of the first things we noticed about the foiled robbery suspect is he had on one of the worst disguises we've ever seen.

We're certainly not making light of what he tried to do, but compared to recent criminals who went to great lengths to conceal their identity, this guy looks pretty ratty.

Do you recall the Bad-Hair Bandit? She was a woman who successfully pulled of a number of bank hold-ups across Washington, Montana, Oregon and California before being arrested. She was called the Bad-Hair Bandit because of her ever-changing disguises that included some pretty funky wigs. She arranged herself in a way to appear as an older woman who just might dress that way.


Hopefully this guy will be caught.  But in the meantime, let us know.  You think his beard is fake?

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